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August 27, 2007


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Jim Nantell

Mark how do you handle the expectation that once you start to respond some people are happy to carry on the bolg debate for ever and how much time does one invest in responding to what may end up be a handfull of the community. Another caution that I think may be obvious but I think it is important that elected officials stay away from bloging about items that may becoming to them for vote (especially development related) in the future. They may give the impression that they have made up their mind before all the facts are presented.

Mark Nuaimi

The way I handle it is simple ... I'll debate as long as there is value being added. It becomes pretty clear early on whether someone is honestly curious or simply looking for a fight.

As to discussion items before the council for consideration, you are correct there as well that bloggers need to avoid specific reference to the merits of a project. But to answer residents' concerns, you can cite the general issues that are involved. For example, where to locate multi-family housing is a policy issue that can answer concerns residents might have about a specific apartment proposal ... while not debating the merits of that particular project.

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