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July 06, 2009


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Tony Daysog

If they are to believed, Palm Springs is the second most dangerous city in California. Palm Springs? Visalia is the MOST dangerous California city. Visalia? Man, who is doing their analysis? This underscores the pitfalls in aggregating vast amounts of data and trying to create benchmark indicators.

Tony Daysog

I read the 100 most dangerous incorrectly: the most dangerous California city is Berkeley, followed by Eureka and then Stockton. Palm Springs, Visalia and Turlock are other California cities that purportedly one of the nost dangerous in the nation. Palm Springs? Turlock? Visalia?

Berry city is on there haha lol

The frenchman on Lakeshore

Tony Daysog eats babies.


why doesn't he just eat gazpacho?

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